Divine Chocolate Bars

Divine Chocolate was launched by Day Chocolate in 1998 and is a delicious Fairtrade chocolate with a variety of different chocolate bars in the range. These chocolate bars were created to give people the opportunity to enjoy their favourite types of chocolates while knowing that they are supporting a fairer system of trade with every purchase. The Divine range of chocolate bars are constantly growing with many different tastes and flavours to enjoy including milk, dark, white, orange, mint just to name a few!

These bars are made using top quality Fairtrade cocoa beans and Kuapa Kokoo farmers who actually own 33% of the chocolate company that they work for! Because of this they can help influence the way the chocolate business is run and enjoy a share of the profits, which really sets this company apart from other chocolate producers. They are also ensured guaranteed prices for the beans they produce and a long term relationship with Divine chocolate which allows them to work their way out of poverty.

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